Yuzoolthemes DropKick2 and Locked

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Does anyone know if you can change the password/code on the Yuzool Locked stack with Dropkick2 CMS?

Or for that matter, does anyone one have a suggestion of a Lock/member stack that the passcode can be modified by Dropkick2?


The passwords for Locked are set by the site admin in the Stack. Dropkick would only be able to change the login password for the website and not the Locked Stack set password.

Members Stack has password changing built in and the users can modify their passwords already. In this case Dropkick is not needed.

Let me know what setup you are trying to achieve and might be able to suggest a workflow


The volunteer group I am designing a site for needs to keep certain pages of the site password protected. They want to be able to change that password from time to time, and they do not own RW, so would need to rely on me. We are trying to avoid this dependency.

This section of the site has a single password for everyone, rather than individual users and passwords.

PageSafe accomplishes the locking down, but you need RW and the project file to change the password. Hence, I am stuck in the same problem. Make sense?


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Thanks and makes sense :slight_smile:

How about use Members Stack and then create 1 user. Hide the registration and change password page. So only the login is there. The end users can login with the 1 account.

Then the volunteer group will have access to the change password page ( you can set that up for them ) and they can change the password that way from time to time.

And then they email the password out to all the end users after changing it?

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Ah ha! I had not thought of that. Great idea,

Now I am back to getting Members working with DropKick2. Members stopped working and reading the .js file while at the login page. Members also would not save new registrations.

Thanks for this great idea!

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Glad this is an idea and that you have things basically working as you wish now - thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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