Zooming an image?

(LabCoat Guy) #1

I’ve been looking at the photo stack from nickcatesdesign.com especially for the zoom feature. Examples are here https://nickcatesdesign.com/preview/rapidweaver/photo/#ts1, but you have to click on the image and then know to then click on the plus sign (+) that pops up after the image pops up. Zoomed images are great and can even be seen well on iphone and ipad. I’m just wondering if there’s another stack out there that can zoom images as well without the clicking, finding the ‘+’ sign, sommething that instead just zooms when you mouseover or hover over an image, maybe click, but something that’s just a little easier. Thanks.

(Doug Bennett) #2

That is the problem. Touch devices (iPad iPhones, etc.) don’t have a hover state.
You could check out:
They have a demo, and it looks like the “hover” works on devices that support hover. Others have to touch.
I’m sure @yuzool or @kryten can help if you have questions.

(NeilUK) #3

Check out the Loupe stack from Doobox too. It sounds like it works on mobile devices also.