Need a zoom on a three column stack

Have a three column stack that I have a photo in the left column, a pdf file in the center and another photo on the right. I would like the ability to have the user zoom in the pdf and/or download the file. Any suggestions? will take care of the zoom.

add a link to the image to download?

How do I activate zoomy. It shows up in the add-ons.

itโ€™s a stack, I assumed (mabe wrongly you were using a Stacks page?

I had to quit RW in order to see it. It is not really what I want though. It helps, but I would like to be able to let the user download a copy of the pdf.

Just give them a link to the pdf (that you have uploaded to your server).

If you mean like this - - I used TopBox from Stacks4Stacks.

I set the content type to iFrame and then added a link to the PDF. As Scott says, youโ€™ll have to upload the PDF to your web server first using an FTP program.



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