1&1 is now 1&1 Ionos? Is this true?


Just logging into 1&1 but have been diverted to a new website: 1&1 Ionos. Is this legitimate? I can’t remember receiving anything to let me know this was the case?


According to a web search, 1&1 merged with a German company called ProfitBricks last year. It looks like 1&1 IONOS is their new combined name.


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Is it normal for a company such as 1&1 that holds such sensitive information to suddenly change hands? And then expect its customers to just log in to an unfamiliar website without warning? Seems to undermine trust to me.

Yes I would have appreciated a letter or email to explain what was happening and the opportunity to cancel services penalty-free, if I was not happy.

But the brutal truth is lots of these big multinationals don’t do customer service any more. It’s often left to the smaller guys like @barchard who still focus hard on the traditional values of customer support and running a successful hosting business.


I’m with 1&1 and I did get an email from them notifying me of the change.

It did not change hands - it just rebranded. It’s the original company.

1und1 is one of the best providers in Germany - actually they have a very good customer service.

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So can I trust the new 1&1 Ionos website or not?

Here is an article about 1 & 1 and Ionos (in German):

I received an email notification of the 1&1 and Ionos merger today at 15.58pm.