Forklift - Trouble uploading RW6 website to 1&1?

I’m having trouble uploading a RW6 website to my 1&1 account. No previous problems and getting some intermittent but partial success. Which suggests my settings are correct? I’ve checked the best I can? But even then only parts of the website are being successfully uploaded?

These are a couple of the messages I get when trying to upload:

Server response: '227 Entering Passive Mode (217,160,233,109,234,142).’

Failed to establish data connection to server. (PASSIVE)

Sorry: worked it out. Looks like 1&1 had changed settings or I’ve inadvertently upgraded or something???



I recently had a similar problem with 1&1 - changed to SFTP and it seems to have solved it

I had to change to SFTP too. They could have told us?

This is why the forum is such a great resource. I’ve been banging my head against a wall trying to upload a client site to 1&1 which had previously worked just fine. Cheers!