Hallo, 1LD? Are you alive and well?

Hi folks, just trying to get an idea of whether anyone’s heard from 1LD lately. I submitted a support ticket the other day but haven’t yet heard back; my real concern is that it appears numerous other forum questions relating to 1LD products have received no response from them, and there’s been little social media activity since the summer with the exception of a Black Friday sale announcement.

Everything okay on the 1LD front?


@Jon1LD just answered 2 days ago
Images not publishing in Firefox…again - RapidWeaver - RapidWeaver User Forum (realmacsoftware.com)

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Wow, my search-fu is obviously terrible. Thanks for the note and glad that Jon is in good form!

Hello Darren,

Sorry for the support delays, we typically get a large influx of inquires and support requests during our holiday sale periods. Support is also only active Monday - Friday. It’s likely we are still working our way down the list to your ticket.

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Thanks very much for your response, Jon, and for getting back to me via the support ticket!

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