1LD Clean Menu adds h1

I’ve made my first webpages including Clean Menu stack from 1LD.
When I make SEO testing (with Seobility) on the pages, it complains on multiple h1’s on every page. To my understanding, that’s might be not that critical anymore, but what I really don’t like is that Clean menu appears as first h1 on the pages.
Is there a way I can prevent Clean Menu to add the h1?
You can have a look at: https://www.evifin.fi/

BR, Per

I got it sorted with the help of 1LD, thank you, and add the answer here if anyone bumps into the same thing.
As I started from a example, I missed to remove a stack from Title Space, that was included in the example. So, I enabled title space, removed the stack, disabled title space, saved, replublished, after what all is fine.

BR, Per


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