1LD's Instagram Connect stack

Anyone using this? I’m keen to confirm that it will display a grid of both still images from Instagram and videos. I then want these images and videos to open - and play - in the included lightbox.



No-one using this stack?


Having bought it I can confirm that it does indeed display video as well as still images.

Be really nice to have the ability to display captions in the lightbox as well though. @1LittleDesigner



No problem, we just released an update that adds the captions to the lightbox :grin:

Brilliant. Thank you.

Noticed something here. The caption background doesn’t expand along with the caption. So with a single line caption it looks great, but with one that goes over multiple lines, the caption breaks out of the background and up onto the picture. I’m attaching an example.

Any way to extend the background to cover the whole of each caption?

Many thanks,


Hello Rob,

The background to the caption is actually a light transparent black to keep the text from disappearing on white backgrounds. There isn’t currently a built in option to change the color but you can use the CSS below to set a custom color.

p.lightbox-caption {
background-color: #222;

Hi Jon, thanks for the reply. The colour’s fine. I’d just like the option to extend the background dynamically so that it sits nicely behind longer captions.

Is that possible?



Though it’s hard to tell, the background does cover the entire caption. The transparent black is more visible over the overlay than it is over the image itself. Changing it to a solid color should remedy this.

Thanks Jon but I’m not seeing any changes when I apply a background colour as suggested. It just looks exactly the same. I’ll take this up with your support channel. Cheers.

For anyone else using this stack who wants to be able to use - and see - longer captions than normal in Instagram, 1LD’s Ben provided the answer and I’ve amended it slightly to add a bit of opacity.

p.lightbox-caption {
background-color: #222 !important;
opacity: 0.8;

Seems to work a treat.

Many thanks to 1LD for a great stack and excellent support.


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