20 hottest parallax sites on the web. Can this be accomplished with foundation?

Stumbled across this 20 top list and there are some pretty nifty sites here. Love the coyboy site and the flashvshtml5 site is absolutely mindblowing.

Can this level of design be accomplished in rapidweaver / foundation ?
Had some wordpress guys saying it’s impossible… I was trying to defend rapidweaver but I do not have any skills (yet) so they aren’t convinced yet.


It cant be done with vanilla Foundation but Joe Workman has a Parallax stack that’ll enable you do do similar.

Whilst not parallax you can achieve a nice effect by using Sections by Big White Duck and setting the background image to ‘Cover’ like I’ve done on this page.
And if you want to create some animation effects you could use ScrollMate by Big White Duck

I think you might be confusing Flash with Javascript. It’s Flash that’s blocked on iOS and Android. Generally speaking, most Javascript (and libraries like jQuery / jQuery UI / jQuery Mobile) work fine on iOS. But granted, a lot of parallax effects look terrible on anything but the fastest computers that have the graphics power to render the scrolling and zooming effects smoothly. The demo site for the ScrollMate stack works well, but wisely states the health warnings for over-using scroll effects and the detriment on CPU.

Thanks @willwood I knew I’d screw something up :disappointed_relieved: , I’ll correct my post above.
For those reading this after I changed my previous post I’d written some incorrect drivel about JavaScript and iOS which Will corrected me on.