Searching for a parallax theme like this

Hello all, anyone knows a similar theme to this from Michael David Design?

I’d like to build a custom theme with foundation, but I don’t have so much time.

If you guys known a theme it look like this, please let me know.


Confused, are you looking for a prebuilt foundation theme like this? Otherwise why not just buy the theme?

Some of Webdeersign’s foundation projects might be what you are looking for, like this one

I already have this, but there’s an issue with responsive function, images maintain the original dimension, they not scaled. I have contacted Michael but probably they are not interested to upgrade the theme.

Thanks Paul I’m giving a glance with my phone,
But it seems a good solution.

In testing with Chrome the images width scales with the screen width. Were you looking for a different effect?

@TemplateRepo this a test, ok on large screen but not on smartphones:

The CSS background-attachment: fixed; that gives the Parallax effect this theme uses, doesn’t work on most mobile phones. The OS (iOS, and Android) don’t support it.

There are JavaScript effects that do work to create a similar Parallex effect.


I Bought Parallaxer yesterday in the evening and I’m going to finish the web site… I thought that I already had any parallax stacks, but yours is far better than the others… many thanks.

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