+20K photos, +5K paintings, +3K sketches - Which stack is most suitable?

Hi fellow Weavers. I’m going to add a large amount of image material to one of my websites.

Which stack is most suitable to accomplish this task and which pitfalls should I avoid?

Some of the stack I have that might solve the task:

  • Collect3 from Yuzooltheme
  • Image Plus from Doobox
  • ProGallery2 from Stacks4Stacks
  • Gallery Stacks from inStacks Software
  • TotalCMS with Gallery Stack from Joe Workman

—> Any experience would be appreciated.

IMHO, this isn’t a question of stack you should use. It is a question if you really want to upload this amount of data.

  • Is there anyone diving through all these photos?
  • Wouldn’t it be better to upload only the best images?

If you really want to upload that amount of data you need filtering capabilities (which can be done with separate pages). You definitely have to use image warehousing for this task.

If you want the end user to search for images by keywords, you might check other specialised software for that task.

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software


Thank you for your quick reply - I forgot to write that I’m not going to upload this amount of images to my site. They’re definitely going to be uploaded to a warehouse.

I can’t predict how many will use the full amount of images, but some presumptions based on requests seems that there is a demand…

Kind regards, IQO

As Jannis says, the issue here is less about how to put the image(s) on a page for the user to see it, it’s much more about connecting the user to the right images to show them. That means your need to think about searching categories, filtering and so on. Ultimately reducing the search product down to urls which point to the relevant images in the warehouse then wrapping those in a gallery (or whatever).

I’d come at this situation from that angle instead.


For (ANYONE) dealing w/ a lot of any type of content, I would humbly ask that you look into EasyDB (my product) The FreeForm Pro add-on is coming in a few weeks and will massively expand the functionality even further. I’ll be posting and sending out my newsletter when it’s ready :wink:


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Which doesn’t really help answering the question of the OP, correct? :face_with_monocle:

I use @willwood 's ProGallery, sometimes with Poster Stack. Lots of different options for the galleries and has been recently updated with lots of great features.

Here I’m using the Masonry Grid style for “Portfolios”: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/lifestyle_portrait_photography/family_portrait_photography/

Here I’m using it with Poster Stack for my blog: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/lisa_sandler_photography_details/photography_blog/

Here I’m using it for Photo Album Portfolios: https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/lifestyle_portrait_photography/printed_photo_products/custom_photo_albums/

@LSPhoto ProGallery? Can you please tell me which Stack is it? I can’t find it

Here you go. https://stacks4stacks.com/progallery/


Sorry, I thought you knew, since the original poster had it listed.

I don’t understand what you are doing. It would be helpful if you explained how this huge volume of images will be used. If you categorize them into say 20 albums, which is about a screen full of icons, each album would contain on average 1000 images. I don’t understand how people would use a gallery of this size. Could you elaborate what your objectives are, and how you would implement such a system . HTH David

I just moved to ProGallery Stack (was using Nick Crates Photo before, but it doesn’t work properly with warehouse images), works perfectly with my images uploaded to a folder on my server.


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