Can I delete a Rapidweaver folder in application support?


I was just looking through the computer and found a Rapidweaver folder in my user Library applications support folder. I gather this relates to RW4 that I used briefly ages ago but contains some elements such as various stacks and themes that are current. Is it safe or advisable to delete this folder?

I am now using RW 6 and it seems the main data is stored elsewhere.

(Mark Sealey) #2


If you have definitely successfully converted/exported everything to RW6, or installed Addons, Themes, Plugins etc anew, it is safe to delete ~/Library/Application Support/Rapideaver because - as you correctly say - only RW’s up to and including version 5 used that location.

With RW6 those Addon files are in the ~/Library/Containers hierarchy.

But in case you still have residual RW5 files and/or may need to go back and Export/convert other earlier versions, you might want to zip up and store the files in ~/Library/Application Support/Rapideaver.


It’s weird because I never used RW5. My suspicion is that when I first tried RW6 I must have found that folder with a few RW4 items inside and figured the various stacks and themes should be stored there then promptly forgot it. I only played with RW4 briefly many years ago and never created any sites. I think I’ll zip the folder to see if there are any problems and if not I’ll delete it as you suggest.

(Mark Sealey) #4

Good strategy. If RW6 is working satisfactorily, you’ll be OK :slight_smile: .

(Nik Fletcher) #5

The location for all previous versions of RapidWeaver was the same App Support folder.