PlusKit 4 -- Built for RapidWeaver 7

Today we’re launching our huge rewrite of the PlusKit with faster publishing, more robust @import, and more precise controls. All built in from the ground up for RapidWeaver 7.

Super Fast

We’ve streamlined, optimized, overhauled, and rewritten PlusKit’s publishing/export engine. Some changes were tiny, some were huge, but the overall effect is that PlusKit is now faster? How much faster? Well it will depend a great deal on how you’re using PlusKit, but we’ve measured real-world documents where extensive PlusKit @import use was improved by over 400%. Wow!

Precise Control

PlusKit is for power users. And power users need precise control over their environment. We’ve added detailed controls for almost every feature inside of PlusKit – and disabled most of the slow stuff by default. Now you can enable just the bits of PlusKit you need and ignore the rest.

Built for RapidWeaver 7

RapidWeaver 7 comes with a ton of new features to improve performance: threaded export, lazy file opening, and threaded saving – just to name a few. We’ve rewritten the export engine inside of PlusKit to smoothly work with these features and allow robust operation even with challenging setups.

  • Note: If you’re still using an earlier version of RapidWeaver just still with PlusKit 3.

More Info:

How to Install

  1. Double-Click the file to unzip it.
  2. Double-Click the plugin to install it.
  3. Quit and then restart RapidWeaver.
  4. Enjoy!

System Requirements
Stacks for RapidWeaver 7+: Mac OS X 10.11+


you dont say this is a Paid Upgrade ?


It is indeed a paid upgrade.

We have, for about a year, done all the support, maintenance, and update for LogHounds plugins without asking for any additional payments. But this was a major update – with a huge rewrite to the engine and months of work.

So for this one I decided that it was time to pass the hat around. Occasionally I have to – the kids always seem to need new shoes. :slight_smile:



fair comment Isaiah :slight_smile:

I dont particularly use Plus Kit very much, enough to warrant purchasing your upgrade.

However installing the upgrade i seem to have lost Plus Kit 3 and the registration number.

I find that you dont have a record of my original purchase of PlusKit from Log Hound.

Please how can i get back to Plus Kit 3 ?



@timmytoad - Normally I’d point you to our plugin archive – but our archive doesn’t currently have PK 3 at the moment. I’m updating it as we speak!!! Soon!!!

So in the meantime here is a direct download link to the final version of PK 3:

If you need help locating a serial number (yes, even from LogHound days) feel free to contact us: and Christi will find dig through the old databases for you.


Can’t remember the answer to this question, or indeed if the answer has changed:

Is it possible to use @import into a Stacks page, or only a normal theme based page?


It’s A OK to import other simple pages into Stacks, but it is not recommended to do the opposite.

That said PlusKit does not prevent anything. PlusKit gives you plenty of rope – you can tie a wonderful knot, build rope ladders, or… well… you know. :wink:

But PludKit 4 now gives some recommendations and specific enables. Check the settings in the import tab.

Hi Isaiah, congrats on the release.

What really interests me is the site search feature. I purchased it but can’t find any information on setting this up.

Thanks for your help. I alsi sent a support ticket. I decided to add it hear in case others can’t figure it out also.


@Isaiah Can you share more about the search feature? Looking at the product page, I’m excited. Will it Search within blog pages, too (plugin blog pages and otherwise)?

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@chet - I’ll be perfectly honest. Search is not new. It’s been part of PlusKit since I can remember – so probably 5-10 years ago. And like a lot of the legacy features of PlusKit it’s largely unchanged in this version.

You can find the search feature in the Edit menu. It says, “Find Plus” or use Cmd-Shift-F

In some pages (like Styled Text pages) Find Plus searches the Styled Text content itself. In other pages that are more complex and/or don’t have any styled text content – it will search the exported content (the HTML output).

This means that it can search even some pretty hard-to-search stuff (like Stacks pages). It doesn’t have super-powers tho – there are some hard limits – some content like Flash, SVG, content inside of <frame> elements, etc – is probably going to get skipped.

I think this find tool often gets overlooked. I have to say I hardly knew about it when I took over maintaining PlusKit. If you notice any problems or think of any ways to improve it, please let me know. It needs more fans like you pushing that feature forward.


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So the upgrade is ten bucks? Seems fair enough. Many thanks for this.



To be honest? I was planning to abandon PlusKit reading all the issues due to improving RapidWeaver technology but considering the upgrade price of 10 bucks, the openness and effort you have put into it to keep us running here, and the fine-grained controls: it is no-brainer to do a paid upgrade so I just did :slight_smile: .



I assumed I could set up a search for my site visitors to use… Never Assume…

Thanks for the great upgrade just the same. Isaiah, you are one of the finest developers I know. Your products are excellent as is your service. Without you I would have left RapidWeaver long ago. This is not a slam on RapidWeaver, it is an acknowledgement of how important Yourhead is for me.

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@JohnJ - yes – searching is for the developer, not for visitors. there are some other plugins and tools for that tho (RapidSearch comes to mind)

and thanks for the nice words. :slight_smile:

Hi Isaiah,

Purchased this immediately. However, it has broken my site. I @import a stacks page into the side bar of the home page at This worked on the previous version, but doesn’t on PK4. I’ve enabled the ‘stacks’ section in the config and it works in Preview, but not when published. Any ideas?

@isaiah Thanks Isaiah very helpful.


Product announcements really are not the place for bug reports, I would be sure to contact the support team at Yourhead


I wasn’t talking to you @zeebe, I was addressing @isaiah.

Never mind. I’ll log a support call.

@doone128 - There are millions of possible use cases in PlusKit. Without more specific info I’d just be guessing – which would almost certainly just send you off in the wrong direction.

I’d recommend sharing the file with me. If you can share just a specific few pages in question that will make the support go much faster as I’ll be focused right on the problem without any other distractions.


Thanks for all your work. A great upgrade!

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