553 Can't open that file: Permission denied

hello, friends and neighbours in the rapidweavers realm,
curious thing happened yesterday. i designed a site for a client some three years ago. the url: nikolaus-frei.de there is - going on the tab “vita” - a sub tab “audioreel”. last night the customer wrote me rather irate that the audio files did not work any more and indeed he was right :frowning: i went into my trusted rapidweaver 8.1 beta and started repairing things. upload started but stopped in the middle. i checked the whole shebang in “forklift” and stumbled upon a curious warning: “553 Can’t open that file: Permission denied” after having uploaded half of the files.
can anybody give me a clue what that is all about and how can change it so i can upload the rest of the files.
thanks muc,

I think you need to use Forklift to change the permissions on the folder containing the files which are showing the problem. I don’t have Forklift but I imagine you can select the folder and choose ‘Get Info’ and then change the setting to 733 and see if that helps.

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