7.4.1 (18708) slow starter

I’ve just upgraded to this and while everything seems to be working OK so far I’ve noticed that it’s slow starting and then very slow to load the first project.

Just wondered if anyone else had noticed this behaviour?


I’m on same version and as always (all versions) project starts (opens) vary tremendously. I don’t know why, have no clue. All 8 of my projects vary a lot. I’m not referring to a comparison of each other but the same one when opened. Sometimes very fast, sometimes not. But overall I have not seen any longer load times with 7.4.1. In fact, I think perhaps faster but it’s hard to tell because…

I recently installed a 1T SSD and that helped speeds a lot. Best $300 I ever spent on my computers since my first Apple /// 35 or so years ago.

Cheers Greg. I’m using a MBPro with an SSD and previously, everything opened pretty quickly - and uniformly - and once the project is loaded it’s snappy enough.


Interestingly I upgraded to Sierra yesterday and that - or maybe just the multiple re-starts required - seems to have solved the slow startup issues.

Really? I’ve been on Sierra for a number of weeks now and had not noticed any improvement but yesterday I actually said to myself “Wow, projects are opening very quickly today.” No kidding. I’ve tried associating project opens with available memory, help apps that are running, etc, etc and I’ve come up with nothing. But after much much much complaining shortly after RW7 was released I have to say that RW7 is now very stable and quite fast. (I’m sure my SSD helped too.)