7.0.4 significant performance drop versus 7.0.2

installed 7.0.4 today. Following observations:

  1. Opening of existing projects takes about 10 times longer than with 7.0.2 (skipped 7.0.3 while on the road)
  2. Preview of project takes about 10 times longer than with 7.0.2
  3. Saving project runs into a temporary stall of the app and takes forever
  4. Publishing runs into a temporary stall of the app and takes ages before the upload window appears (probably connected to 2)
  5. Uploading of changes runs smoothly as far as I can judge.

Bottom line: Something happened to the performance. Everything is like molasses on my MBP as compared to 7.0.2


Yep, I experienced the same moving from 7.0.3. To 7.0.4. RealMac suggested downloading the entire app from the release notes page (https://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/releasenotes/) in case it was a delta update issue. In my case, I downgraded to 7.0.3 and everything’s fine.


Hi @jsc

Would you be able to share your project with support@realmacsoftware.com please?

Include a link to this forum thread in your email, and we can take a look at it.



Edit: same goes for you @Beemerang :slight_smile:

Thanks Simon, mine was actually a test project with a simple text stack added, not a work project. In any case, my issue was resolved by switching back to 7.0.3.


I’d recommend not sticking with 7.0.3 if at all possible. It’s got an awful memory issue (and preview/publish will never complete) when working with themes that use certain RapidWeaver features.

Does the performance issue you’re seeing in 7.0.4 improve when switching themes?

Thanks @simon, noted.

Nope it doesn’t seem to make a difference if I switch themes.


I downloaded the full App file again for 7.0.4 and created a new RW project. Opening RW, creating a new project seems markedly slower than 7.0.3.

It’s also taken about 3 minutes just to add a blank stacks page to the blank project. This version just isn’t working for me. If 7.0.3 has an awful memory issue, which version would you suggest as the most stable to use for now?

It seems as if that has happened on first opening a project after applying the update. Subsequent projects went OK as well as the initial project on subsequent opens/saves/reviews and publishes. However, my impression is still that 7.0.4 is significantly slower in all tasks than 7.0.2 (can’t compare to 7.0.3).