7 spawning too many FTP connections: times out

Uploading my website through RW7’s Publish button fails repeatedly, and gives a time-out error.

I’ve lowered the connections to 3, but my site cPanel shows 8 concurrent connections, all but one IDLE. The publishing window just keeps cycling through three pipes, each saying ‘Couldn’t sign in to your FTP server (Retry in …)’, and goes no further.

I tried lowering to two … after a while, four pipes were active in my cPanel. So I’m using a single connection, which is a dog with almost 4500 files to publish.

Changed it to one (slowest), and sure enough, two connections listed in cPanel, one active. This went up to three by the time a third of the site had ‘uploaded,’ and four by about the halfway mark (if it did … not page icons changed to show they’d published), and six by the time it almost finished – all with only a single active pipe.

WTF RW 7? Why does it insist on spawning too many connections and then leaving them open to time-out or prevent full upload? I have to go into the cPanel and manually disconnect RW’s pipes before I can upload again.

At the moment, I’m having to use a single connection that spawns FIVE other idle connections, and causing time-outs and failed publish attempts.

I’d hoped that RW 7 would address the FTP issues that 6 often suffered from, but obviously not.

Any ideas on how you can fix this?

Finally managed to get the site live on a single upload connection. Saved. Quit RW. Checked cPanel, and there are STILL four idle connections hanging open thanks to RW. Come on guys!

The concurrent connections not closing maybe on the server side not timing out and closing idle sessions as well…

Yes, that’s a possibility. Grrrr… servers!

We have an issue with this on one of our hosting accounts, but this hasn’t surfaced before on this particular hosting accounts (two different servers and companies).

I’ll contact the server support people and see if there’s anything they can sort.

This is why I bought my own servers. If they are messed up its my fault. I have one web server with 2 TB of disk space and it only costs me 30 bucks a month to put it in the data centre.