Publishing/connection anomalies

Does any one here have any insight into why

1> When I publish from RW to my Godaddy hosting via “public” or 3rd party wifi connections I am seeing the full 6 concurrent upload strings

2> When I publish the same site via my home Spectrum provided internet account I can only ever get one upload string irrespective of the ftp setting I use (Extended Passive and Passive FTP)

3> As a sanity check, if I get the wifi via my ATT iPhone acting as a hotspot - I get the full 6 streams

I am assuming that since the server at GoDaddy accepts the full 6 streams it has to be something on my end. Spectrum are unable to help so far…

If I cannot resolve this via input here I will send all my files to RM for review and ask for assistance.

(Running RW7.5.2 and ios10.13 Sierra. )
Appreciate your assistance

I believe it’s your ISP that is limiting number of connections.

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Thanks Doug for your comment and the entire thread.

So I have 2 x cPanel hosting accounts at GoDaddy and 1 of their old Linux economy hosting accounts.

I have no problem uploading with 6 threads on the Economy hosting account

Both the cPanel hosting accounts only allow me the one stream to connect.

And yes I have Spectrum aka TWC who claim they have no restrictions on how many ftp streams.

GoDaddy are baffled and don’t understand why either.

I am scratching my head now because this makes my problem not specific to my ISP

Any thoughts - you obviously have experience in this topic. Not accusing any party here but the ONLY common thread here is RW. But please help me shoot my logic down…

Thanks again

John A

I would try publishing to a local folder, and try an ftp client (many available, some free), and see if the ftp client has the same issue. If the ftp client has no problem with multiple connections, then you’re definitely proven it’s RW.

You should also check out this kb article:

It should explain what Realmac will need in order to help resolve this issue.

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I will do that…… and I’ll let the forum know what I find.

Knowledge is power they say…

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I have the same experience with godaddy. When a client was on an economy account I could get six threads while publishing, but since I switched it over to a CPanel account (primarily to update the PHP version) I only get 1 thread when publishing with RW or with Transmit. Also it can be extremely difficult to just successfully login with RW, Transmit or other ftp apps. Of course godaddy was of no help. I’ve come to suspect they have too many people on that shared server. It seems easier to login at night, after office hours. I’m also with Spectrum, in So. Cal. Would be grateful to hear if you find any solution.

Btw, are you able to get multi-thread uploads to the CPanel account with an ftp client?

Hi David

Actually GoDaddy have been very helpful thus far looking at the ftp threads live but so far no idea from them on what might be the problem. But they could only see one connection.

I’ve spent the last couple of days testing various things for Spectrum (who seriously lack in their technical abilities IMO) and the last thing I have to do for them is run a test with just their modem (which is an Arris) and without my router.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll do the FileZilla direct upload and find out what happens. I’ll post here once I get the result.

The way I discovered this was that I took my car in for service and sat in the “lounge” and was working on RW and found that on their wifi I got a full 6 threads to my cPanel hosting. Guess I can always go there for uploads LOL!!!

I don’t care where the glitch is - I’d like to know what it is and who is going to fix it.


John A

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On another note - yes - initiating the FTP link can take much more time on the cPanel hosting than it did on the old Linux system. Often it fails before it can start.

John A

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Interesting to hear. I’ve never had this happen with any host but godaddy. All other hosts I’ve used connect immediatley and use all threads.

Today I published my site to a directory and then did a Filezilla upload. And guess what - only one or occasionally two concurrent uploads.

This sort of rules out the RW part for now.

As a reminder - the problem of “lost upload streams” is only with a combination of Spectrum ISP and Godaddy cPanel hosting for me. No problems with Spectrum and Godaddy Economy Linux Hosting on Spectrum

Are things are pointing towards Godaddy cPanel MAYBE having an issue?? If so that’s my next topic to follow. Although using an alternative ISP I got all 6 streams uploading. The folks at Spectrum are less than “technical” about this topic at my local level.

John A

With FTP there is a lot of TCP handshaking that goes on. I’m assuming that you’re using FTP as the publishing Method?
I have never used GoDaddy, but I would assume that they also allow you to use SFTP? If so you may want to utilize that. A lot fewer TCP involved, and much more secure. I personally NEVER use FTP, and if the host supports it, I have it turned off.

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