This is still an issue - connection not closing after upload complete

I just want to add that this thread is still an issue for me at the latest update

Connections still remain opens and since my server only allow a max of 8 connections at a time and I still have to completely kill RW to release all the “idle” connections so it could re log back in again since a new connection from RW to server could not be established due to connections to server are full because Rapidweaver took up all the connections from previous upload then would not use the same connection or drop it before making attempt to reconnect with new connection.

Here an example

On my server which have a max of 8 connections at a time, I published a small change on the page so it only opened 3 ftp connections to make the change then it would say publish completed.

Without quitting or exiting RW, I make another change again on the same page and then publish it. It would open 4 connections this time but it wouldn’t reuse the first 3 connection from the previous change and now total of 7 connections to the server is locked in place by RW.

I make another change then publish, instead of using the 7 connections that is already opened and linked to ftp server, RW open the last one connection before being maxed out and the upload is a slowing since it sending through only one connection that was established, ’

Once it used up all 8 connections, I could no longer publish since RW could not open any more new connection to the server instead of closing the last 8 connection or reusing it.

I checked the server log and all 8 connections are STILL ACTIVE as long Rapidweaver application is still holding on to those connections. I have the server to set to time out connection that have no upload coming it and it’s 15 minutes before it times out to kick Rapidweaver connections off the server.

I couldn’t even make a connection to a server with standard ftp client when RW is sitting there idling holding all those available connection open.

Please look into it, it annoying to forget to save my work and exit Rapidweaver before publishing it to the server.

Thank you

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