Publishing times out (not really)

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RapidWeaver Version: 6.3 (14965)

Macbook Pro 15 2014 - 16GB

Publishing never quite finishes - then republishes all files

I made a change to my site adding a new page. There are now 2726 files to publish (this is plausible). However the publishing proceeds, then fails with only 2 files left to go (2724 uploaded steadily). Unable to publish - timeout reached). Meanwhile the dots on the side indicate that there are many more files left to publish not just 2 - so dots have a problem PLUS the publishing always seems to fail with just a couple of files left to go.

I have, and still do, experience this timeout issue. Also when it looks like publishing is almost complete, then fails with only 1 file left to go.

I did some basic troubleshooting, wondering why sometimes my connection to my host (Siteground) was fine, and sometimes not. Usually the failings occurred when trying to publish again, shortly after already having a successful publish. Just bugged me that it could fail when it had just worked perfectly a few minutes earlier.

I found a workaround which is annoying, but at least I can re-publish.

I log on to my Siteground cPanel.
I go to the bottom on my cPanel page where I see this:

I click that link which opens this Processes screen:

That process, pure-ftpd (IDLE), is the connection Rapidweaver has made with my host for publishing.

To me that says no more data is being transferred on that connection, so it’s idle. However, the connection is still open. If I’m wrong about this, someone with more knowledge please enlighten me.

When I publish many pages there are usually many more connections listed.

See that arrow pointing at the X symbol? I click on that X to close the connection(s).
When I’m done closing connections in the cPanel, I return to RW and test my connection to the host. Sometimes I have to test a couple of times before I’ll get a success message.

Then I can click the Publish button and everything works fine.

So the big question is: Why don’t these connections to the host close after the completion of a successful upload?

I don’t know the answer because I’m just not knowledgeable on these things. However, it gets the job done.

From a recent experience with a very good host I use, I think you may both be onto something here.

Long gone are the old days of telnet and ftp. More and more hosts are wrapping a multitude of constrictions around the number and speed of connections which they allow.

In practice, Yes - recently live connections may count against you - just as starkly as too many connections. And illegitimate (attack, spoofed) connections.

A good host will help you troubleshoot.

Thanks 1335Days and Mark! I have never seen this logging panel before on my host so now I will check it when there is a problem.

When Rapidweaver publishes a large number of files I don’t understand why it seems to lose track of what has been published and then starts the whole thing again. Surely the FTP uploader has recorded that most of my 2600 files were successful…, why start again from the beginning.

Dots - these do seem to be somewhat random so that even when all but 3 files have been uploaded the dots still remain on many more files, showing it isn’t keeping correct track of the uploads.

UPDATE - I removed the “Sitemap” plugin (Loghound) I had on my page and now the dots disappear as they should when publishing? Coincidence? Perhaps… but possibly interesting.

I am having this same problem using the latest versions of RW6 and Stacks3. RW opens an ftp session and leaves it open and created a new one with each publish. If I publish several times I have to log into my Host Cpanel and disconnect all the idle sessions RW has left behind, I have been using RW for years and this has cropped up recently. Have I missed something in the settings when upgrading to RW6?