A bug that just won't go away

(cyclingone) #1

Here’s the problem. And I know it’s been addressed many times, but now it’s really getting annoying. Every time I publish a changed page, I get the message “Couldn’t upload to your FTP server: Failure when receiving data from peer”. Every single time. Now I think this has been a problem for most everyone at one time or another, and it would happen to me occasionally, but now it happens EVERY time I go to publish. Usually I can publish on the second try, but it’s an annoying bug that just won’t go a way.

BTW, I have smart publishing enabled and maximum Concurrent uploads at 1.

Any suggestions…



(Graham Jackson) #2

That’s a real pain Barry.

I too get this error on a frequent basis, but I find if I wait until I actually get the errror and then publish again then 99% of the time the files will publish. Do you just have the one site that it’s doing this on or is it on multiple sites?


(cyclingone) #3


It works that way for me as well. I hit publish, then RW tries, then I get
the error msg, hit publish again and it publishes.

A real pain in the butt.



(Scott Steven) #4

In RW 6 I publish locally and use transmit to keep server in Sync. Works a treat but an extra step.

(cyclingone) #5

Yeah, Scott, I could use filezilla to publish, but RW is not supposed to screw up the publishing. Supposed to be a piece of cake. Now the publishing is acting like a digested and deposited piece of what my dog ate for breakfast this morning. Sorry for the metaphor, but I am in that kind of mood…


(Scott Steven) #6

Hint for you the beta seems to work fine now.

(Graham Jackson) #7

Thanks for the reassurance Scott. But I think I’ll keep my money safe until the the realease thread is full of comments like “Glad the ftp issue is finally resolved” or “100% success with ftp publishing - yay!!”

As we used to say in the RAF - “All pigs serviced and ready to fly!” - just call me an old sceptic.