A bug that just won't go away

Here’s the problem. And I know it’s been addressed many times, but now it’s really getting annoying. Every time I publish a changed page, I get the message “Couldn’t upload to your FTP server: Failure when receiving data from peer”. Every single time. Now I think this has been a problem for most everyone at one time or another, and it would happen to me occasionally, but now it happens EVERY time I go to publish. Usually I can publish on the second try, but it’s an annoying bug that just won’t go a way.

BTW, I have smart publishing enabled and maximum Concurrent uploads at 1.

Any suggestions…



That’s a real pain Barry.

I too get this error on a frequent basis, but I find if I wait until I actually get the errror and then publish again then 99% of the time the files will publish. Do you just have the one site that it’s doing this on or is it on multiple sites?



It works that way for me as well. I hit publish, then RW tries, then I get
the error msg, hit publish again and it publishes.

A real pain in the butt.



In RW 6 I publish locally and use transmit to keep server in Sync. Works a treat but an extra step.

Yeah, Scott, I could use filezilla to publish, but RW is not supposed to screw up the publishing. Supposed to be a piece of cake. Now the publishing is acting like a digested and deposited piece of what my dog ate for breakfast this morning. Sorry for the metaphor, but I am in that kind of mood…


Hint for you the beta seems to work fine now.

Thanks for the reassurance Scott. But I think I’ll keep my money safe until the the realease thread is full of comments like “Glad the ftp issue is finally resolved” or “100% success with ftp publishing - yay!!”

As we used to say in the RAF - “All pigs serviced and ready to fly!” - just call me an old sceptic.