Armadillo CMS Blog Headlines issue


Just installed Armadillo about a week ago and have it up and running. I have been able to get all the different areas to work and have a gotten a good level of understanding about the product.

The only issue that I have now is that that I cannot seem to get the blog headlines to work. I am able to display the post title and the first few sentences as well as the “Read More…” part but when i click on the title or the “Read More…” to see the full post it simply returns to the same page with the headlines showing.

You can see it in action on on the “test page”.

I have sent email to nimblest but have yet to get a reply.

Armadillo is very cool and pretty straightforward to use for what I want to use it for but I need the headlines to work.

Any thoughts or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Best Regards,


Hi Sunil, just tried this and it worked fine for me. Clicking on Read More or Blog title takes me to the full blog post.

Not sure what to suggest other than clearing your cache (or I use different browser from the one I normally do as I am unlikely then to have a cache problem)


Hi Dave,

Thank you for checking this out. I have cleared the cache, deleted everything, set up a new db and still see the same problem. Fortunately I can use the post summary for the blog and that works fine. Will use that for now and see how it goes.

Thank you again for your help.


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