Armadillo - suggestions for a "show all blog posts" button

I’ve set up a “show all blog posts” button on my armadillo blog page so that after clicking on a blog post headline on the home page and being taken to the particular post, users can then click the button which takes them back to the blog page so all posts are displayed.
But of course the button is still showing and may cause confusion - particularly as I have so few posts right now.
Clicking the button again won’t show any more posts.
I could call the button “Go to Blog Page” but this could cause just as much confusion.
Is there a neater way to do this with Armadillo?

@Mathew has a video he did a while back that if I remember had figured out away to do what you want.

Not a particularly elegant solution, but I add an All category to every post, so in the category list (assuming you’re assigning categories) choosing All re-shows all the posts.

Thanks Robert and Doug.
I looked at Mathew’s video and it does show how to make a “conditional” button which seems like it might do the trick.
Just need to come to grips with the coding.
In the meantime Roberts “All” category is worth trying.

Been a while since I watched @Mathew’s video, but I remembered that creative approach he took. I’m sure he’d help you out if you have questions on how he did the code part.

I’ve had a few requests for this over the years, and apart from adding a link to each post you create in Armadillo manually, this would need to be incorporated into Armadillo directly as part of the next update.

If you’re feeling adventurous, and don’t mind messing with snippets of code, you could try this: add a HTML stack directly below the Armadillo Blog stack in RapidWeaver, and pasted in this code:

<php if ($_GET['post_id']) { echo '<a href="">Back to blog page</a>'; } ?>

Make sure to change the “” portion to the URL where the blog page is located, and adjust the link text as needed.

Hope this helps.


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