Armadillo-related posts?

For those of you using the Armadillo Blog/CMS stack…

Is there a way to display related posts? I need them to display somewhere on the post page on a post per post basis. i.e.: List all post in order for a given category.


You mean tags and categories?
like this?
Just add tags and categories to your posts and turn them on to show on the side…

As Lisa mentions this is quite doable. I’m not sure about how you are specifically trying to display things, but at any rate it should be doable no matter what you specifically need for a display layout.

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Thanks for the example but that is not what I was referring to. What I am looking for is a list of all the blog post titles for one category, the same category as the current post, to be listed on the same page as the actual current post. It would be used to lead people into further reading about the same topic.

You couldn’t have related posts in the post that you are viewing (unless @nimblehost has another trick up his sleeve) but you can have the headliner stack show only one category or tag.

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Only just started with Armadillo myself, but I think you can achieve that with the Blog Headlines stack included with Armadillo. You have an option to filter by category/tag and (from memory, not at my computer ATM) only show blog post titles.

Please correct me if I am wrong!


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@MortalWombatUK is correct - you can use the Armadillo Blog Headline’s stack to only display posts with a specific tag are category. However:

to be listed on the same page as the actual current post.

There isn’t an “additional reading” feature that will display related posts when you are viewing a permalinked post. I can see how this might be useful, so I’ve got it on the feature request list now.


Perfect, finally going to buy stacks and Armadillo this weekend, because of Armadillo. Thanks for the help and I really look forward to the continued development!


How did you get your blog headlines to be page titles?

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@SavinDave Not sure what your’re asking… where are you looking? Screenshot?

On your blog… for example if I click “Married Couple” and go to the single item post the headline reads “Married Couple from Out of Town”. I’ve been trying to get Armadillo blog entries to have the headlines as page titles but have not found a way.

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Oh, that’s because I used Poster Stack from @instacks. I switched from Armadillo awhile back because I love in app Stacks :slight_smile:

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Haha. Of course! This problem has vexed me forever and I just can’t chase more money after it :frowning:

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Look at the documentation, meta tag templates. This will solve the problem with the headline being the page name if i understand you correctly.

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I want my title to be “[Blog headline] | [Blog Name]”. I emailed the Armadillo guy and he said there wasn’t a function for it. Ever so often I see somebody show off their Armadillo blog and they have it (only to tell me they switched from Armadillo)

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