Looking for a menu stack


I’m looking for menu stack. I’ve been through a few, but still not found what I’m after.
Stacks I’ve tried but not managed to make work include:

  • Clean Menu (1LD)
  • Mega Menu (Elixir)
  • Navigation Stack (Yuzool)

Each are great in their own way, and the stack providers are very helpful, but they don’t cover all features.
Essentially I want a menu that:

  1. Appears as a black bar at the top of my screen and which can optionally be made sticky.
  2. Allows for drop-down menus (I have a lot of pages so need a simple hierarchical structure - but not deep)
  3. Allows a logo image to be placed on the left-hand side of the menu.
  4. Allows a SECOND image to placed on the right-hand side of the memu. My site is bi-lingual so I want flag appearing so that users can swap the language.
  5. Has a mobile view that’s reasonably visually elegant. Just a standard hamburger icon is fine … but some menu stacks just seem to do it better than others.

Any suggestions?
At this stage it looks like I need to take one of the existing stacks above, and create a custom version (changing the CSS, template.html, and JS) so that I can cover all requirements. Point 4 (second image so I can display the translation link) seems to be the killer.

Andrew Mercer

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Foundation top bar


This is Foundation and TopBar:

If you need help setting it up…let me know.

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Have you tried putting the menu stack (clean menu works very well with my needs) in a two (or more) column stack, put this one into a sticky stack (BWD) and put your image/flag in the second (or most right) column and make it a link to your other language pages or wherever you link from the picture/flag?


I have used Gator, which seems to have at least some of your desired options.
There’s a free version if you use it with a Themeflood theme.


Thinking about it, Stacks4Stacks Gator, together with BWD Chroma Pro will achieve all of those aims.

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Thanks everyone for all those suggestions. Those gave me a few options that I hadn’t even thought of.
I was starting to lean towards Foundation (thanks Scott and Joe), which I’ll still check out further - but the gator stack plus putting CleanMenu within a two column stack are other good options that should work too.

Thanks - I’d been scratching my head for a couple of days trying to figure out how I might do things and now have some ways to move forward. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


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MagicGellan works very well with dropdowns

MagicGellan is Foundation only

You can create your own menu, exactly as you want, using free stacks like Chroma Pro and ButtonPlus 2, both by Big White Duck.
For the mobile menu you can use Side Menu stack by 1LD. You can open it also using a ButtonPlus 2 stack.

Button plus example:

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