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Is it possible to integrate another stack in a navigation bar? I use Foundry. Which navigation stack can you recommend?

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I don’t know if all these work with Foundry, but IMO they should…

Side-Menu (1LD): Home | Side Menu
Overlay Menu (1LD): Overlay Menu - A stunning customizable menu that lays over the page
Clean Menu (1LD): Clean Menu - RapidWeaver Stack
Full Menu (Archetypon): Archetypon
Gator (stacks4stacks): Gator | Stacks4Stacks


I use BWD‘s PopDrop with Foundation 6 and with Source, and it works perfectly. It‘s well worth looking at — it has a very nice animated hamburger, which as far as I‘m aware you can‘t do with F6 and Source navigation stacks (I don‘t know about Foundry). But it depends what kind of navigation you‘re after. My preference is for a dropdown from a hamburger, which PopDrop does beautifully.


Hi Matthias
Thanks for your quick reply. Your suggestions are great. However, I would like to have a navigation bar. So I have tried Clean Menu. In fact the menu offers a place for stacks. However, then I can’t integrate a sitelogo anymore. Do you know a solution for this new problem?

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Hi James
Thanks for your quick assistance. Great to find helpful people like you are.
PopDrop looks wonderful. But does not fit my website. I continue to search.
Thanks anyway for the tip.
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I don’t have I don’t have clean menu stack but the instructions do seem to say you can specify a custom logo.

Hi Paul

This is correct!
But you can only have either a logo or a stack. Of course I want both :wink:

However, I’ll try to explain to you what I’m trying to do:
I want a button in the navigation bar that opens a modal. In this one you can login to sitelok - memberseite.

Many websites have such a login button in the navigation bar. Do you know another solution for this problem?

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Why not have a two column stack in the menu? Then you can drop in both a logo in one and the button in the other?

If you have a standard URL for the login button, you could just set up an offsite page and set the offsite URL to the URL that opens the login.

Also maybe look at adding a custom menu item for the link and use the CTA styling to make it stand out?

Meanwhile, we have a solution. Have a look here:

However, it won’t display properly on mobile devices this way.
Maybe someone in the community has a suggestion?

Have a sunny day!

Don’t see a logo on the sample.

@Tzatziki Login is showing up just fine for me on Safari in iOS.

HI, I put that together for the OP. I just didn’t add a logo, it should work fine.

Good to know. It works for me too on Android, so @Tzatziki you may have a solution.

As mentioned in the Foundry forum, you just need to deal with the drop-down not closing when the user clicks the log in button, then you’re golden.

For what it’s worth, in that demo I’ve got the login form inside @joeworkman Visilok stack that is part of his Sitelok suite. When the user logs in this stack seems to force a refresh which works to close the dropdown. So might be worth a try.

I use Will Woodgate’s Supermenu: SuperMenu | Stacks4Stacks

Total freedom to use pretty much any stack inside your menu.

I’ve implemented it on - there, the menu has basic text stacks with hyperlinks, image stacks for nice looking headers and an HTML stack for the Google Search bar.