RWNL Language select

At when I switch language using the RWML Stacks it seems I’ve done something wrong.
I have to reload the page when I switch language otherwise the text just disappear.
Anyone who have any ideas?

Your website urgently needs a site security certificate. That could certainly be part of the problem. Especially as you are collecting user data through a contact form and storing preferred languages as cookies. And you need to take other steps to ensure your website is privacy compliant too.

It looks like your RWML settings and language allocations are quite mixed up and broken. Two default languages conflicting with each other and a third unspecified language, from what I can see in the code. All a bit of a mess. Probably best and much easier to contact support with the relevant files.

Yes, but the goalposts for website security and privacy have probably moved quite a lot since the last websites you built.

If you have had the stacks working before, then they should work the same this time around too.

I was only looking at the Javascript code for the page. There were a few things that did not look quite correct in my eyes.

But SSL is pretty-much a mandatory requirement nowadays for any public-facing website. A requirement I’m sure others on these forums would agree with.

There are already many discussions on these forums about how to go about making your website secure. Click on the magnifying glass at the top of this page to begin your search.

You need an SSL security certificate applied to your hosting account. Most better web hosting companies provide these free.

Again the offer still stands if you want an “expert” to look at this for you and check all your RWML settings. Otherwise trying to muddle through it yourself is likely to be harder, longer and more frustrating.

And there are things on your server (like PHP) that we cannot view from this end. So you should provide details of what version of PHP is being used, in your support case.

Speaking of PHP, you will want to make sure your hosting server is running a recent version. Preferably PHP 7.1 or above, as of April 2020. I am slowly dropping support for older versions of PHP in these stacks.

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RWML vs. 2.2.0. Great update, for an amazing stack.

Thanks :smiley:


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