A lesson in website attention span

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We all know that many people have little patience and short attention spans when viewing websites. A recent experience has demonstrated this to the extent that I’m wondering whether it’s worth putting content on at all!

An old client of mine - Arrow Marquees - has decided that the marque business, although profitable, is too much like hard work, and have closed down to concentrate on other aspects of their business portfolio.

Consequently, I removed the website and put up a one-pager announcing the closure. I also added a note that the domain name performs well and is up for sale - in the hope that another marquee business might see some value in it. Take a look: http://arrowmarquees.co.uk

For the past 6 weeks I have had an average of 4 enquiries per week - direct from the domain announcement - not expressing an interest in the domain name, but asking if Arrow can supply a marquee! Staggering! It’s like they don’t read anything at all except the ‘Make Enquiry’ link.

NB: Of course I could change the link to ‘Enquire about Domain Name’ but actually I’m selling the enquiries on elsewhere so I won’t :slight_smile:

(Rob Beattie) #2

That’s hilarious. You could be on to something!

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Oohhh…I might need a marquee I’ll be in touch! :slight_smile:

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I’m joking, of course! ;-))

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