Slow fat bloated websites

This isn’t directly related to RapidWeaver but more about web design in general. It’s a very detailed discussion about all the horrible things that are slowing down most sites that we visit on the internet today.

I posted it here because I think it’s easy to let yourself be pulled in by lots of fancy animations, cool social buttons, and amazingly detailed web tracking that can be done today.

Of course all of these things are great in moderation, but a steady diet of this stuff makes for bloated fat slow sites that no one wants to visit.

Anyway, a well written and researched article that’s worth a read, especially for those of us building websites – which I think is everyone here. :smiley:


big thumbs up on that! I don’t even care for avatar animations let alone all kinds of things loading, popping up, and etc on the websites I visit. The “sticky” video window that moves down to bottom corner of screen and simply won’t go away is especially dis-liked.

I read the article and it is bang on! Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. The longer a page takes to come up the higher the odds that the viewer will go to a “better” site.
Who do we build a site for, the betterment of the client, or the betterment of the viewer. The client wants more people to appreciate their product. This can get into a dilemma that may look good for the client , but is not a good experience for visitors to the site. Build your site for the audience and they will return, which is exactly what the client wants!

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