A little trouble with installing Foundry

I installed Stacks no problem, and now I want to install Foundry - do I need to have the Foundry theme installed before installing Foundry itself? Seem to have a little trouble as I can’t see where its activated within RW… If I try to re-install it says its already installed (older or same version exists). But if I show all themes its not there. ??

Thank you

You should be able to find the foundry stacks by adding a stacks page to a project and then open the stacks library(should be a button on the toolbar just above where you edit the page.

The foundry theme should be in themes and needs to be used for foundry stacks to work. It doesn’t have to be installed first so you should st be able to see the foundry stacks.

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Hey there @AdrianB – I think it was you who posted this on the Elixir forum as well, but just to be sure I’m going to cross post what I said there as well:

It sounds to me like you might have two version of RapidWeaver installed on your Mac. If so it could be that your theme got loaded by RapidWeaver into a different version of the app. The best thing to do is to drag and drop the theme and stack onto the RapidWeaver icon in your computer’s Dock. This indicates to the version of the app you wish to make sure the plugins get installed into.

As @egomade mentioned, there is a video tutorial on the Foundry Documentation page that walks you through installing the Foundry theme and stack, along with a plethora of other great tutorials.

Let’s hope it’s not quitting and restarting RW…

I attached some screen grabs -

I only have 1 copy of RW on the dock after launching the app - and I drag the stack and theme to RW - i get the message “same version as the one already installed” but I don’t show it as installed…

Sorry I’m a newbie to RW so not sure how else to troublesheet


And thank you everyone for your replies…

Just because you have one copy of RapidWeaver in the Dock does not mean you don’t have more than one version installed somewhere on your computer. You’ll want to look in your Apps folder to see if you have more than one version installed.

That said, if you do only have one version of RapidWeaver installed then we need to look to see if the theme and the stacks are really there. Let’s start with the theme…

To do this we first need to click the Themes button in the RapidWeaver toolbar, here:


You’ll get a drop down of all the themes you have installed. In the search bar type Foundry, like so:

If you have the theme installed you’ll see it in the drop down window similar to the above screenshot.

Now let’s have a look and see if the Foundry stacks are installed…

You’ll need to add a Stacks page to your project, by clicking the Add Page button, here:


When you do you can then select Stacks (if you have it installed) from the drop down:


Once you add a Stacks page you can now look through your Stacks library to find Foundry based stacks. The easiest way to do this is through a search, like so:

If the Foundry stacks are installed, this is where you’ll find them.

If you don’t find the Foundry theme or the Foundry stacks installed in these locations then they have not been installed into the version of RapidWeaver you’re working with.

If that is the case something may have gone wrong with your installation (which is handled by the RapidWeaver app itself) or you may have two version of RapidWeaver on your Mac. If it is the later you can drag and drop the theme and / or stacks onto the RW icon of the version you wish to install them into. If it is the former you may need to contact Realmac Software Support (@Aaron) so that they can help get things straightened out for you.


I’ve verified that i only have one rapidweaver application in Applications.

(screen omitted)

In Themes, I have no Foundry.

(screen omitted)

I click the foundry theme in my downloads, and get the install screen, I click install

(screen omitted)

I get warning message that install is older or same - which seems to indicate i have the theme already installed??

(screen omitted)

I hit continue, install addon window prompts to relaunch RW:

(screen omitted)

Prompt to save, I click save

(screen omitted)

I relaunch RW, no Foundry theme…


I had to cut out all the other screen captures as the forum said i can only post 1 -

I’m unsure what install screen you’re referring to. Foundry does not have an installer. RapidWeaver installs the addons.

Can you show us what installer you’re referring to?

Not sure what you’re saving here in this step.

If things are not installing for you, you may need to talk with @Aaron or @dan from Realmac so that they can sort out what the problem is since the app handles the installation of all addons.

Here is the “installer screen”

the “installer screen” is what I get from clicking on the “Foundry” item in my RW Plugins folder where I put the downloads into.

Yes, that “installer screen” is just RapidWeaver. It does all of the installation of all addons.

Ok, so how do I get ahold of Aaron or Dan?

I’ve tagged them here in this thread so they will get a notification of it, as well as sent a message to Arron. You can also file a support ticket with them via email at support@realmacsoftware.com if you like.

I want to thank you very very much for your time and responses. Just learning this RW to see if I should use it instead of another tool I have been using. Looking forward to trying out Foundry and what it seems to offer. Thanks again

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