Foundry Theme Cntrl Cntr Stack Missing

When starting a new page, I add stacks then when I attempt to add Foundry theme I receive a warning. The Foundry theme icon is there under themes but it will not respond by being dragged into my page. If I attempt to preview my page it displays this warning…
Foundry Control Center Stack Missing. Add the Control Panel to the page.

I believe I need to uninstall RapidWeaver8 and re-install but cannot locate any instructions on how to do that. I don’t wish to loose my RapidWeaver8 after I just purchased it along with all the add ons.
Any ideas? Do I have something missing or misplaced in one of my folders?

To choose the theme in the theme drawer you simply select it. You don’t have to drag it anywhere.

Every Foundry page must be a stacks page and have the Foundry stack somewhere on the page:

That’s where you do all the general settings for the page.


Hi there @2uneak!

Have a look at the first two topics on the Foundry documentation page under the Getting Started section on the left-hand side of the page:

The “Installing Foundry” and “Quickstart” pages should get you started. After that if you’re looking to learn to build a simple page with Foundry, check out the “Building A Simple Site” video on the Tutorials page, here:

The tutorial by Elixir Graphics shows him dragging and dropping. I used to be able to do this but that stopped happening after I messed around in my folders. The icon is there. I select it but it won’t highlight and it doesn’t show up in my page either, hence the warning.

Are you still having trouble? I’m pretty sure it shows him first dragging and dropping the Foundry stack onto a new Stacks page and then going to the Themes drawer and selecting the Foundry Theme.

The error you are showing is because you do not have the main Foundry stack on that page. Are you not able to drag and drop it onto your page?


I am unable to drag and drop. I click on the icon in my themes folder and it won’t highlight. I’ve combed through my addons and it’s there, but won’t work! I wish there was some way to have someone just comb through my install (app) files and make certain they’re all in order.

You do not drag the icon from the theres drawer. It just needs to be selected.

You need to click on the “Library” icon and find the “Foundry” stack. That’s the icon you need to drag and drop on the page.

Doug outlined this in his post above.

The “Quick Start” video on the link Adam posted shows the process.


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