Solved :- A question or two about JW's Page Safe

Hi, i just watched JW’s tutorial video on Page Safe, so i plunged in and added a Page Safe template to every Page. Also used the Log Out Button stack.

BUT now i find i have a STACK SAFE stack, and i cannot find any info on how and where i am to use this ?

Furthermore, How do i add a Page Safe stack to a PHOTO ALBUM page ?, i am not supposed to use Plus Kit @((import)) and a Plug In page is not a Stack Page, where i could use JW’s Global Content stack ?

Can anyone offer me any guidance on these questions please , thanks. no doubt i have missed something pretty obvious.


If you are using Stacks 3, I would recommend on just using a partial instead.

The Stack Safe stack came in the PageSafe v1.2 update. You can see info on that here…

You cannot add Page Safe to a non-Stacks page. You can try to use Pluskit. I have never tested that out.

@joeworkman thank you Joe, very helpfull, I now know what Stack Safe does, brill videos Joe :relaxed:

I should really swot up on how to use Partials, i keep putting it off !

@isaiah has advised me, to NOT USE @import(()) for anything, apparently it uses code that is PRIVATE meaning in future updates of RW this PRIVATE code could be changed.


I agree with Isaiah. Using @import should be a last resort when there are other options available, like partials. However, in this case, its your only option… and I cannot guarantee that it will work. Its worth a shot though…

Here is my overview of partials in Stacks 3…

Thank you yet again @joeworkman youre a star :smile:

It was a RW Photo Album Page i was hoping to protect with Page Safe, and then I realised that the Photo Album page isn’t in the Navigation Menu anyway, it is actually “imported” by a Stacks page from InStacks Software named Gallery, i find this is one of the better Stacks (that i have) which uses Pictures from a “RW Photo Album plugin page”