RW adding index.html back into every folder

I never had that happened to me before.

Whenever I create a new project, first thing I do is go to advanced and change the extension from html to php because I often use php in my web development.

I haven’t update this one site in a while and they asked me to make some changes to it. I made some changes and saved it then do a re-publish all since it haven’t been updated in a while and there are several stack updates.

RW re-published every file adding an index.html along with index.php. I would have not known about it if it wasn’t for the RW duplicate warning. I checked every page setting and the advanced setting still set with php.

How did the heck that happen? It’s annoying because now I have to go back to every folder and delete the html files … sigh …

Most likely they are the original HTML files if it is an old site. RW publish will only write or overwrite files with the same name and extension, it will not delete files.

So with the change to using .php it has republished all files as .php rather than .html but the the originals unfortunately remain. The quickest way would be to delete everything from your server and republish all.

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I started this site new project with php extension and been updating it with the same project file whenever they wanted something update.

It just happened today that RW decided to publish it as index.html , I been using RW for 3 years now and this is the first time it ever happened to me.

Just strange but very annoying. I wound up deleting the whole thing except my CMS data and republish everything again after I got tired of checking very folder for the index.html.

The republish did published the correct index.php so it is very strange that this happened.

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