Index.html not exporting

Hello everyone!
I got a little issue on my website
I did some changes to the page in rapidweaver, everything looks good in the preview, BUT rapidweaver is not exporting the index.html of the home page (landing page) and also not uploading it. So basically I can’t change the landing page and also new links don’t show up there (but everywhere else, so ones a link is clicked, things are fine, but the landing page is somewhat messed up.
Anybody got an idea what might be wrong there?
Thank you for any advice!

try this create a new page copy the page elements into it. Make this the new Home page and delete the old one and try again to export. Its happened to me before. usually this works

Just tried that, seemed to be a reasonable thing to attempt, unfortunately it didn’t do the trick.
When loading the page now, I only had the background nothing else. Looking into the directory on the server there is an index.php but no index.html
so for some reason Rapidweaver is not exporting the index.html
Same thing happens when I try export the homepage on the computer…

That means something on the page is making it change from index.html to index.php because it needs PHP code. It would help if we got the URL.

Hello again,
I honestly have no idea what the reason was for it to do this, but what did the trick was adding a new page as suggested, but not yet adding the stacks from the homepage to it, just added parts, published, then added everything, AFTERWARDS deleted the original “Home” page and published again…
So not sure what sort of bug that was but it seems to work now.
The URL was in the first post:
Thanks everyone who chipped in! All good now!

I have had pages get corrupted in the Sandwich file. By hacking them out like this I have been able to fix the sandwich file and save my work… This is not unusual FYI I just had a table occurrence in filemaker do the same thing, Deleting it and adding it back in did the trick and fixed everything. Sometimes there are just little gremlins in your system.

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