Shout out to 1LittleDesigner

Just a quick post to say thanks to @1LittleDesigner for not only responding quickly to a support question about the PageLit stack but also volunteering to add an extra setting in a free update that solved the issue.

Excellent service.



I had exactly the same experience. And I don’t think it’s the first time they’ve gone the extra mile either.
Humans are quick to complain, but we don’t often acknowledge when someone deserves positive recognition.
It’s a good habit to get into folks.



Same experience with 1LD, quick knowledgeable responses! Agree, not enough recognition for those who do good! Kudos 1LD!


The support works really well with 1LD. I had a compatibility problem with a theme that was fixed. Unfortunately I have never seen an official update for this stack. Also for PageLit there is no update available via RW. It would be great if all users could benefit from fixed problems.

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Jon is awesome. Great products and great service. A few of his stacks I literally could not do essential features at my site without.

I also wanted to add my praises for Jon. He completely rebuilt the LiveSearch stack for me so that it would work on Accordion stacks, and also helped with updates on two other ones. Superb customer service every single time. When I look to buy new stacks, the first place I look at is 1LD! If every other organization offered the same level of service Jon provides, I would be a very happy camper all the time!

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