HELP. Using File Share page / need to link file to button

HELP. Using “File Share” page and want to link to the file, from an image on the front page. I have two files on it but want people to push the button on the front and open the pdf file.

Could this be made to work for you?

If I understand your needs correctly you can check to see where the file is published (the files directory) and then just link via a standard url.


Thanks so much for the replies guys! I got it. Simply right click over on the left and chose add new resource. Then the links box can choose resource. Sorry. I was pretty good at Rapidweaver years ago but never needed to tweak my website until now. I had a song in the resources and that made me realize I just had the files on the wrong type of page. No need to use the file share page.

No apologies necessary we’re all here because we too don’t know how to accomplish certain things at first…whether for lack of knowledge or a oversight while in the depths of a project. Best of luck with you’re project.

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