A2 Hosting - Rapidweaver issues

(Bill Arnold) #1

My Rapidweaver site doesn’t publish correctly to A2 Hosting (layout is changed / buttons are modified / pictures are dropped). Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Bill Arnold

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

Do you have a link ?

(Bill Arnold) #3

The website is www.tucsonland.info

(David) #4

This is the web address your link above resolves to:


If that is not what you intended, you should check your publishing details and web address in RW settings.

For the problem of missing content, etc. try republishing all files as a lot of files are missing.

(Bill Arnold) #5


That is the correct location / site. Hosting and URL are different locations. I’ve republished -> nothing different. Appreciate your help here …


(Bill Arnold) #6

This is what the site is supposed to look like …