Trouble uploading site

I’ve suddenly run into a problem publishing my RW site to the host. Just gets stuck halfway through. Is it likely to be the host or an issue with the RW file? Thanks

Hard to tell without more details. Have you restarted rapidweaver and your computer and still no luck? Have you double checked your host login credentials? If all that done to no avail I personally would create a new project (simple one page) and try to publish that. If that does not publish it’s almost certainly a host issue, or a provider issue. Don’t rule out your internet provider. My provider occasionally blocks my IP address and host connection due to frequent updates. Their servers have built in algorithms that interpret the frequent traffic as a dns attack. I’ve mentioned this in other similar threads…since it took me eons to figure out what was going on. IMHO it’s most likely an issue with your host or credentials.

One could also try to log into their host (Cpanel etc) and see if you can gain access, and successfully upload a file. If you could do this via a browser or ftp client that would indicate that your host is functioning properly at least.

Thanks very much Dan, I check those things

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