I can't publish my website

I have been trying to publish my RW website on 123 hosting and it comes up with an error message. I ahem spent a lot of time talking to 123 support and have used FileZilla and been able to connect with that. However I know the FTP details are correct (as tested these with FileZilla,) however, when I try to access the web space through RW application, I receive the error ‘Please verify that the server address you entered is correct.’ Can anyone help?

what’s the server address you have been given?

I’ve checked this with 123 and they say all the details are correct, if this is of any assistance.

Try the path with a forward slash:


Start with the basics.

  1. Click the “Test” button. This will test the connection and your login credentials. If you do not get a “Connection Test Successful” message, then it’s either the server address, username, password or a local firewall blocking the connection.

If the connection works, go to step 2

If this doesn’t work, I’d download an FTP browser (FileZilla is free, as is Cyberduck) and see if you can connect and upload a file with it.

  1. Clear the Path field and then click the browse button. Navigate to the proper folder and click “Select”.

The correct path varies from host to host and can even be different for different user accounts. This ensures the correct one is selected. Try publishing.

Already tested with Filezilla according to first post?

I’m afraid it didn’t work, please see attachment; says ‘unable to connect to server.’ I have had a problem with RW being seen as ‘read only’ when I’ve been checking for updates. I have reinstalled a number of times and it seems to work but as it has happened a number of times it may be of consequence?

it’s strange as i’ve tested your ip address and it’s correct and ftp does respond when connecting to it.

I know. Very frustrating. I’m logging off until tomorrow morning. So we have to ponder. It worked with other app. Have a good evening.

Have you tried these steps?

Also might want to try publishing to a local folder, and try uploading with FileZilla since you are able to connect with it.

Screenshot of the settings in Filezilla?

The only other variables I can think of is that the website images are being stored on the cloud. The files are as they are images (1.03 GB on disk), /Users/simonjones/BT Cloud/Art websites/2021 Website. Here is the screenshot of FileZilla.

That shows that you could not connect with Filezilla?

I thought you said you had connected successfully?

I ahem spent a lot of time talking to 123 support and have used FileZilla and been able to connect with that. However I know the FTP details are correct (as tested these with FileZilla,)

Apologies, wrong one.

And maybe a screenshot of the Filezilla connection settings - without the password obviously?

If you can connect with Filezilla, then you will be able to connect with RW.

Looking at the guide on the 123 FTP page, it shows this:

Have you tried either of these in the RW server settings:



or just

www.simonjonesart.com as the server name.

With these settings - an a dummy password - RW does let me get this far which is promising.

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So can you now try the connection with your real password and the settings you have in the screenshot above which was the ftp server as www.simonjonesart.com

Thanks so much. I really appreciate your perseverance and attentiveness concerning this issue. I have tried with www.simonjonesart.com and it seems to be working, just taking time time to publish. Can I ask a if it is worth compressing my images, many are of paintings? As you can tell I am novice at this.

Nice one Simon, yes, it is very much worth compressing your images.

Three reasons for this, the site will be smaller, the upload will be quicker and it will prevent visitors downloading high quality copies of you images.

A simple way to do this is to open the image in Mac Preview, choose Tools > Adjust Size and set the size as appropriate. Do be aware that Preview automatically saves the resized version without you having to save it. So, work with a copy of the image rather than the proper copy.

This will make your image files smaller already, but there are online and app image compressors to run the images through too after resizing.

If an image is going to fill the screen, they probably don’t need to be wider than 1024px, half screen wide maybe 800px.

Compere your image file sizes before and after - you will be surprised :slight_smile: