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Hello everyone.
This question is related to my other one called “Question for Yuzoolthemes - Cart2”

This is the first time I have to built an e-commerce website and I still have to choose the technical solution (Cart2, ecwid, cartloom, other ?..). I don’t know coding.

My client (for the website) sales fresh products, that can be taken directly in his farm, or delivered in 10 or 12 “take away places” (like some chosen places in different cities).

SO : after people have bought their products, I need to “ask them” if they want to pick it up at the farm (no shipping fees in that case) or to be delivered in one of the selected delivery places.
In that second case ; I have to ask them witch place they want their items to be delivered, and apply them a price for that delivery (one price for the all cart).

And it would be great if, at the check out moment, I could configure the information I need to ask them (for example ; ask their phone number, but not their postal address…).

Could you give me an advice for that ? Thanks !!!

EDIT : I didn’t pay large attention to ecwid until now, but it seems very complete, with multiple shipping and paying options ; I’m still very interested in your advices :wink:

Assuming thr locations have different costs, using Cart, the obvious option is to add your products AND shipping locations to the page using a Cart product stack, with a price per location. So, the buyer adds the product and a location to their basket. Cart will then work out the total.

Then, have Cart return to a page with a form for data gathering.

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Here’s the related post:

Looks like asking the same question basically?

@jamesbond has a great recommendation
Collect the info then redirect them to a Contact Form in RW to collect the rest of the info


Hello guys and thank you for the answers.

As I said to Michael in the other post ; my first question was just about “Cart2” ; I thought it would be better to separate them…

Jamesbond ; I thought things the same way that you did this weekend ; your idea seems to be the best I can do with Cart2.

Now it’s about my client ; I tried first to propose him a “not too expensive” work ; it will be his choice to manage with the great little “Cart2” or to pay monthly fees for another solution.

Right now I think that it will be Cart2 or ecwid…

If any reader has another solution to propose, please do, as I told before ; it is the first time I have to create an e-commerce website, seems quite simple but I have no experience, no real knowledge about that.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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