Access a download on successful of form/quiz?

(Barrie McDermid) #1

Is there a form stack or quiz stack that would allow users to take a quiz/submit answers to questions and on submission of the correct answers, download a certificate?


(robertreinink) #2

Check here for Quizzer: shakingthehabitual

(Stuart Marshall) #3

In terms of Quizzer, you can target a particular message to people that score 0-20%, 20-40% etc up to 80-100% (via Quizzer’s ‘Ranking’ option). As such you could add a link to a certificate that you host only in the message that is shown for people that score 80% or over.

Hope this helps? Any other questions let me know.

(Barrie McDermid) #4

Interesting! I think that would do the trick Stuart. I’ll explore further, but will likely get around to buying some time soon!



(Rob Beattie) #5

Quizzer’s a really clever stack.

(Barrie McDermid) #6

Looks perfect actually, but it might be a bit too complex to set up for my timescale. I think it will ve perfect for when I upgrade the project though.

(Rob Beattie) #7

You referring to have to ‘write’ code? It’s much easier than it looks at first glance - if I can do it…:sunglasses:

(Barrie McDermid) #8

Haha, I’m not scared of rolling my sleeves up, but I’d have about 50 quizzes (many already formatted in html that I’m just copying over to Markdown stacks) to input into the Quizzer stack and I want to try and establish some traffic first.

(system) #9

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