Introducing 2 new stacks: Quizzer and Scroller

Hi there,

I have just finished putting together my first stacks:

Scroller: A scroll indicator that is pinned to the top or bottom of the page and provides a visual representation of how far down the page you have scrolled. It also includes an optional drop zone so that you can add other content too (a title, a logo or a nav bar etc). I think it is a rather nice little stack. And it’s Free!

Quizzer: Until now there have not been any great solutions for adding a quiz to RapidWeaver. The best options were to try and manipulate a form stack or to use an online quiz generator and add the embed code to your site. Neither of these options are particularly good. And so I set to work… Quizzer is a solution that looks great and provides a nice, engaging element to any web page. There are a lot of customisable options - randomise questions / answers, show feedback, allow try again, score and grade the quiz etc etc. The quizzes are great just for fun or to use as genuine knowledge checks.

Quizzer is £10 but until the end of May you can get 40% off with the code: sth-quizzer-launch

Go check them out and let me know what you think:

(Shaking the Habitual)


Congrats on your first stacks! :tada::tada::tada:

Welcome to the club!


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Also: remember to submit them to the RapidWeaver Community site. That’s where most people go to explore for new stacks.

Nice work, Stuart, really cool stacks.

Welcome indeed!


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Thanks a lot @Isaiah and @Marten_Claridge. I really appreciate that.

I contacted Realmac about submitting them to the community site but there appears to be a monthly fee (a developer subscription). Unless there another way to list them? I don’t think I’d be able to justify the cost with my limited offerings at present.

Oh wow. I guess I didn’t realize that posting stacks required a subscription. Or that the least expensive developer subscription was $600/year. That’s a big cost for developers just getting started.

Updated: It looks like their are free accounts after all! but the signup link/page/details is currently missing, but should be back really really soon. Yeah! :grin::tada:

It sure is. I have emailed and asked about the possibility of a free/cheap starter tier (or similar).


Great work and always good to see new stacks developers. I believe there is a basic free tier on the RM Addons but to be honest, I have given up with the RM Addons due to it being too difficult to use and it is often problematic. The last Add-on I added to the Add-ons never appeared and my emails to RM never got answered. I guess that RM believe there are enough Addons.

Hey guys,

Sorry about this. Devs should be able to sign-up for a free account, this got missed in the re-design a while back. It’s on Ben’s to-do list and he’s just moved it to the top. All being well the free dev sign-up will make a return this Friday. If not early next week.

Also, congrats on shipping your first add-ons, it’s great to have you onboard.

The Community site gets a lot of traffic, by not adding your add-ons you’re missing out. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to get add-ons listed and are improving and fixing things all the time. Do let me know if there’s anything specifically we can fix or improve. We’re always listening,

We want all third-party add-ons listed on the community site. We want to make it easy for users to find all the great add-ons from you guys. That’s always been the goal :+1:

P.S. We’re also working towards making it easy for users to find add-ons from within RW too… but more on that later :wink:

Keep on weaving!



Sroller is fab…thanks

Not sure it is working properly on Chrome based iOS browsers though. Works with Safari on iOS fine

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I’ll check it out. Is it only catching up / showing the progress once you stop scrolling?

Yes…it seems to move down the page in a parallax fashion…not stay at the top? I’m on a Nickcates theme though…

Stuart: Many thanks for the Quizzer stack. I think it will be perfect for some upcoming work I’ll be doing.

There are two places on this page where there is a download link:

When I press the button there is a bit of animation in the button, but now download/new page to show me the document. Is this a bad link?

Since I am new to JSON file I’ll need all the help I can get! I’m presuming the document link will be quite helpful. BTW, the 2 example files that come with the stack are already proving quite helpful in and of themselves.

Congrats on entering the stacks market!


Hi Mathew, Glad to hear you have a use for Quizzer. I made it because I have a need for this kind of thing too.

Apologies for the download issue. I have just finished fully updating this JSON quiz guide document now and it certainly works for me when downloading from the live site. If you still have issues I can send it to you direct. I’ll also include it in the zip file with the example quizzes so that it comes as default with quizzer stack purchases in future.

Let me know how you get on with it or if you need any help.

Thanks a lot for checking it out.


Stuart: Thanks for the quiz guide document and suggestions therein. I’m looking forward to making some quizzes!


Just a note to say thank you to everyone that has downloaded these stacks so far. Is really encouraging.

Also, I have just added a few more example quizzes to the web site to show off more of the different functions that you can utilise within your quizzes. There is also a quiz that demonstrates embedding a video and using images as answer options (you can download the example files for this quiz from the main Quizzer page)

I am already working on an update for Quizzer with additional functionality. I have not yet managed to get the automatic updates set up so please watch this space for announcements about updates or (even better) follow @habitualshaker on Twitter.


Hi All,

Have just pushed out a huge Quizzer update (v1.1.0) that includes new functionality (e.g. pulling X amount of questions from your question bank, scoring as a percentage) and also a whole range of localisation options so that there is no English hard-coded into the quizzes any more. All text is now customisable. Finally, there have been a whole load of styling options added so that you can better control how all aspects of your quizzes appear. Full release notes are here:

Note: If you bought Quizzer soon after launch then you may have a version that is not set up for automatic updates. If v1.1.0 doesn’t come through RW for you then please re-download from Paddle. Future versions will then come through automatically.

Hope you like the update :slight_smile:

Any questions / comments / feedback please let me know.



Stuart: Thanks for the update. There seems to be something wrong as each time I startup RW it indicates there’s a new version of Quizzer. The stack itself seems fine, but there must be something “off” in terms of how the stack communicates with RW re: whether new or old.

I think I’ve fixed that now. Let me know if not. Thanks @Mathew

Yes, working fine now! Many thanks.

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