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I am a teacher who would like to build a site mainly involving interactive quizzes; multiple choice, true/false; fill in the blank and other types. This is an area that no commercial web building software addresses, that I have been able to find. I don’t want to learn to code, but it seems this may be my only option unless someone can give me pointers to commercial software. Regards


Thanks for the quick response. I’ve had a look at Quizzer and it’s a good start for what I’m after, but I need to look for more variety in the types of questions.

Try contacting the developer - he seems to be quite amenable to feature requests.


Thanks, I just sent him an email.

I’d be interested In how you get on as this could help my wife with her home tutoring.

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Could you explain, or give an example, of what you mean by “more variety”?

One of the things that Quizzer does very nicely is give immediate feedback. If you don’t need the immediate feedback feature then you may want to consider form-based software. A product like MachForms would be quite good in this regards: lots of different types/formats of questions one can ask. But no immediate feedback.

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I’ll keep posting here. As a school teacher my primary goal is to give my students a variety of question types which they can practice in their own time.

Immediate feedback is essential. Question types include true/false, cloze, fill-in-the-blank, matching pairs, short answers with draggable words from a drop-down menu or word bank. Years ago I tried this with an application called QuizPress. It was based on Macromedia but the company no longer exists. They also produced CrossWord Forge, which made crosswords and word searches.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Hi @Neale

hopefully you got my reply to your email. I’ll just copy (a slightly adapted version) of what I said here too in case of interest to others:

Quizzer is the only real quizzing option available for use entirely within RW and as @Mathew mentions above its real strength is the immediate feedback / scoring that it can give to the quiz takers.

Happy to answer any further questions you or anyone else has.


Thanks for the quick response and information.

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