Testing Plugin or stack Set?


I’m looking to add a test to our website for specific group of people. I will be using Joe Workman’s PageSafe Stack for security.

I am wondering if anyone knows of a question/multiple answer (image or text), results tracking and offer certificate upon completion type plugin or stack set that I could use for this purpose?

Can’t use a database, must be cookie based or php.


Well, I searched Google and din’t find an appropriate plug-in or stack, I can’t imagine why a developer hasn’t done this yet as there are many schools using RW made sites. Anyway, if a Dev wants to take this to task, I’d be willing to pay up to $50 CDN for the retail Stack/Plug-in and help beta test it.


If you’re wanting a system that stores student results for review by a third-party, a database is likely the only way to go…

Thanks @nikf, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated… doesn’t need external review of any kind at this point. I can do it no problem with a db, it’s just that a db is not available from the host/domain so have to look at alternate solutions.

Ask a user name at start, perhaps a id number to start the test
first question, 4 answers, if correct 1-T or 1-F
Repeat for number of questions x-T or x-F
Calculate #Q - #F = score
if score 75% or above display/print certificate (optional) with name and ID and percentage
If score below 75% advise user to try again in a week, clear cookie in 7 days so they can restart test.

I shouldn’t need a db for this I wouldn’t think anyway.


Gotcha. Should be easy enough with PHP & some sessions / cookies - though I’ve not seen any addons that offer this I’m afraid!


Thanks @nikf, guess I will have to delve into the world of custom stacks. will check out your API and Stacks API, perhaps I can manage something.


I have had a similar problem on a domain that doesn’t even have PHP. To get around the limitation I created the page on a different host that has PHP and then use an iFrame to display it on the PHP-less server. Something like that might work for you, but I’ve never tried anything that required visitor input.

A stack like this makes the embed easy.

Hi @Bioguy, I think I will use FormLoom, will develop something over next few days and see if it meets my needs. Using this method will of course mean that someone will have to check the results and manually send a certificate but we shall see…

Thanks all for your input.