Access photo files from "Photos" via media browser RW6

Attempting to upgrade photo album pages from an existing RW5 project to RW6.
Previously the images were linked to iPhoto.
I could create a new folder hierarchy and drag images into the photo album page.
I decided to try recreating albums in “Photos” then drag the images into the RW6 project from the media browser.
However, no images show in the media browser when Photos is selected.
Just this message: Open Photos to your photos in the list.
What am I doing wrong here?

You have to have running prior to launching RW 6


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Not working.
I would add that images in Aperture and iPhoto are available without the apps being open.

Just looking at your screenshot Tom M.
Wondering why Photos and iPhoto are both showing. I’m a novice at this sort of thing, but when I upgraded to Mavericks or whenever iPhoto became Photos, only Photos showed in the media browser because all iPhoto photos were imported into Photos. If you get my meaning.
Perhaps that import hasn’t actually happened?
Are you able to select from iPhoto, which I see has some contents?

This Mac is now on Yosemite. I reclaimed iPhoto after upgrading from Mavericks.
But more to the point, I got the image browser to work (with Photos) by deselecting “Use as System Photo Library” in Photos preferences.

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Should’ve asked what OS, sorry… I’m on El Capitan and have to have the open prior to launching RW for media to be available in media browser, not the same for and I don’t use aperture or lightroom.