Activate RW Classic 9: how to

An awkward question perhaps, but I am unsure how to activate RW Classic 9. I am now on version 8. I am 74 and don’t know if I can recover if something were to go wrong.
I have purchased and downloaded version 9, what now to activate it?

And can I assume that rw8 files are converted to rw9 files without any problems? And the site will still perform like before without lose of functionality?
I am not sure that I need new functionality but you never know… :wink:

Rudolph Smits (NL)

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I would check my email if I were you you should have gotten an activation code.

I have the activation code indeed Scott, but what to do. I see the in the download map. Should I double click on it? Or?

My take on this go to your app folder where you have Rapidweaver and rename it “Rapidweaver 8”. Then no matter what you keep the old version in place.

take the file in your downloads folder and move it to your applications folder.

Double click the application it will come up with a splash screen and will ask for registration which you can copy paste in the code you got in your email.

Everything should work from there

We have a step-by-step guid on installing and registering RapidWeaver 9 here :point_down:

Dear Dan, Scott

Thanks a lot both! I have done as described.

Looking in maps Apps I see with date 25-09-2023. Did all go right?
Opening the “new” version I did not get the challenge for license code. I see I have version 9.2.1. now. Is that the new version?

Is it possible to get a new zip-file? The more I explore and try to understand I think the zip-file that I found is the previous one. I could not find a zip-file in Downloads, except in the bin. That one I moved back to Apps-map. That was possibly wrong?
On my desktop I have the mail proving that I’ve paid for the new version.

Rudolph Smits

RapidWeaver Classic 9.2.1 is the most current version, you’re good to go. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Actually looks like you made a duplicate order. Will send you an email to get it sorted.

Thanks Dan, I felt already a bit clumsy. The fact that there was no challenge for the license code does not disturb you?

oh, thanks!!

I edited my above comment, that’s why you didn’t see a registration window. Emailing you now to sort it.

Hi Dan

Thank you so very much and apoligies for having wasted your time so much!!

Cheers from The Netherlands!
Rudolph Smits

No worries, and if I’m helping a user it’s not a waste of my time. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have any other questions let us know.