Updating to RW Classic: What's the proper sequence of things to do?

Hi everybody, couldn’t find a post for it, so I ask:
I plan to update from RW 8 to RW Classic. I have a couple of websites that I would like to refresh. What’s the proper sequence of things? My plan:

1 - buy RW Classic
2 - transfer RW 8 projects/sites to RW Classic and republish
3. Choose and apply new themes to updated projects/sites

Anything I should pay special attention to before I proceed? Any hints and tips are appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @feuerland,

Yep those steps look good. RapidWeaver Classic and RapidWeaver 8 can run side-by-side on the same Mac, so once you download RapidWeaver Classic you can open your RW8 project files in RapidWeaver Classic. The app will ask you to convert your project file to RWC format. Select yes and the project file will be converted and will open in RWC. This will not override the old RW8 project file, RWC simply duplicates the RW8 project file and converts that duplicated version, so you will have a copy of both project file versions.

If you run into any troubles during the upgrade let us know here.

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Thanx Dan! Perfect!

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