AdaptiveGrid 2.0 now available

I’m pleased to announce the availability of AdaptiveGrid 2.0 today. This updated stack remains compatible with both Stacks 2 and Stacks 3. This update includes the following noteworthy changes:

  • A couple of underlying changes ahead of the release of Bootstrap 4
  • We now support rem units of measurement, alongside the existing pixel and em units
  • Columns are rendered ‘live’ in Stacks edit mode for easier visualisation
  • Option to toggle the display of column labels on and off in edit mode
  • Updated the setup instructions to make some points a bit easier to understand

AdaptiveGrid was one of the very first responsive grid / column stacks available. To this day it remains immensely popular and is used in thousands of websites. When we developed AdaptiveGrid, we were able to successfully strike a fine balance between ease of setup and fast deployment; versus excellent flexibility and all the features expert RapidWeaver users demand when building modern, responsive websites. This update injects a couple more nice-to-have features and compliments the forthcoming release of Bootstrap 4.

AdaptiveGrid 2.0 is available via automatic updates in Stacks. Alternatively you can head straight to the AdaptiveGrid page to view demo’s and download the latest version. If updating from an older version, all your previous settings and content will be preserved. But as with any update, we recommend the sensible precaution of ensuring everything is suitably backed-up before commencement of the update and that you quickly review a random sample of your AdaptiveGrid pages to ensure the update worked.