AdaptiveGrid stack updated to version 3

Version 2 of AdaptiveGrid wasn’t released all that long ago, but a number of significant changes have happened within that time. Today AdaptiveGrid jumps up to the version 3 milestone! The update is available via automatic updates in the Stacks plugin or you can grab the latest version from the product page.

Visually, not much has changed in the stack. AdaptiveGrid remains quick and easy to work with. All your most commonly needed features remain in the same place as before. Compatibility is still offered with both Stacks 2 and Stacks 3.

The most noteworthy changes in version 3 include adjustments to some of the setting labels and ordering of certain AdaptiveGrid settings. Also support for some basic optional style settings as been added; including a background colour fill, borders, margins or rounded corners. These new style setting work alongside the ability to style grid cells with custom CSS code.

Under the hood, various parts of AdaptiveGrid code has been renewed. The old IE6 / IE7 hacks are now gone. A few minor bugs have been fixed and we’ve done some work to improve compatibility with certain RapidWeaver themes. Grid cells of different heights now reflow better and everything is hidden until the page has finished loading. AdaptiveGrid has been tested against alpha builds of Bootstrap 4, and was found to be working perfectly.

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