Add a folder to the resource folder?

A friend actually asked me this question. She has a lot of images in her resource folder and would like to organize them into subfolders. I don’t see a way to do this. I am using 8.6.1. Not sure about her but I will encourage her to upgrade if she hasn’t.

If the stack has the option to link to a URL or Resource as this one for example, then it is possible to organize them in folders in resources. There are many others and I try to use those with the option.
It is not always the case that stacks have the option, and I agree with you it would be handy if you could control->move to folder:
That would be ideal.
You can also use the warehouse function, it isn’t as convenient for all purposes but is good for organization-)

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Open the resources window. Click on the plus sign in the upper left corner.
Click New Folder, give it a name. Drag the photos etc- in the folder.
I think that was the question.


That does it. Way to simple. I feel embarrassed. Thanks!

No need to be embarassed. Rapidweaver has a lot of options behind small symbols/menus. All good. Glad I could help.

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Did you have to relink the photos?

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